Dave, Mahoney, and Audrey, KSLX, Phoenix with Dave’s Mother-in-Law Is In Distress.

New shows have a different strategy and work on different images than tenured programs.  Enter Dave, Mahoney, and Audrey, KSLX, Phoenix.  Replacing Mark and NeanderPaul (Mark retired and Paul moved to middays) only several weeks ago, we needed to form a launch strategy for the new cast.  The core attribute of a Stage One show is unfamiliar people doing unfamiliar things.  When we wake up, we crave what we know and familiarity plays an important role in the choices we make at that time of the day.  So our primary goal is to be very familiar with our topics (because our cast isn’t familiar) and tell lots of stories that define our characters and introduced the team as real people, just like the listeners.  Here’s a simple story, loaded with lots of drama, that Dave told about his wife and mother-in-law.  Both strategic and powerful to serve the goals of launching the new show.