Do Something With Hollywood Reports

Two breaks from two shows dealing with the same issue – what to do with Hollywood reports to make them more entertaining and memorable.

Eddie & JoboKyle & RachelI have never been a big fan of Hollywood reports because they tend to be nothing more than the regurgitation of things listeners can find on Perez Hilton’s website or TMZ.  In order for it to be great, you must do something with it.  Here are two examples of this.  In the first segment, with the pending Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce, Eddie and Jobo, KHITS, Chicago, talked tp a divorce attorney who offered her prospective on why Kris asked for an annulment.  It’s very efficient, but more importantly, it engages the listeners emotionally.  

In the second segment, when Jerry Sandusky’s attorney suggested that detractors call 1-800-Reality to get a grip on life, Kyle and Rachel, Radio Now, Indianapolis’s morning team did just that and found it to be a gay sex line.  They could have just told listeners that’s what you got, but instead, they let me feel it by actually airing the audio.