Froggy 92.9 Paris: Facts or Stories?

Rob & JossSpinning around the dial the Monday after the Paris terrorist attacks, anxious to hear how talent connected with the audience, one of the gold awards goes to Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA, who worked their ass off the day after to find someone in the middle of it all.  They found a local couple in Paris that evening on their honeymoon, who called a friend for dinner, who blew off a heavy metal concert he had a ticket to (yes, it’s that concert).  They ended up having dinner close to the attacks.  You can give facts or tell stories.  You can regurgitate what you’ve read or do the work to bring me inside the story.  They hit every button on this, even recording and editing the interview on Sunday and airing it in each hour on their Monday show.  It was that powerful.  This proves that work and prep does lead to unique, story-based radio the audience leaves talking about.