Froggy 92.9, Sant Rosa, CA The Chris Young Interview

Rob & JossThere’s this general sense, especially in PPM, that interviews don’t work.  This isn’t true.  Bad interviews don’t work.  Good ones do.  When interviewing a celebrity, remember that there are two agendas at play – theirs (to sell something) and yours (to entertain the audience).  Great interviews get their subject to tell a compelling story and/or reveal themselves in human ways.  That’s what draws listeners in and honors your agenda first (always sell the website/tickets/CD/book on the back end of the interview).  Here’s Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA who talk with country star Chris Young who’s coming on to sell concert tickets.  What they cover around that:  what it’s like for him to be at a Garth Brooks concert as a fan (reveal), how he helped a disadvantaged kid in their audience (story), and they played a fun game with him.  Don’t interview someone solely around their agenda (silly vicarious game).  The audience will bore and sniff out if you’re trying to sell them something and push back because of it.  Figure out how to accomplish your agenda, as these guys did, before doing any of that.