Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA Joss Loves to Decorate

Rob & JossAudio helps you tell a story.  When planning your breaks, part of the prep process should be to see if audio exists to help place your commentary and observations in context (i.e. when talking about something you saw on TV, that audio helps bring in those who didn’t see the show – which is a majority of those listening).  Likewise, ask what audio might exist that will heighten the entertainment factor of the break.  Rob and Joss, Froggy, 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA got into a discussion of Joss’s love of holiday decorating and the topic of her mother came up.  The team is also a couple, which the audience knows, which gives Rob license to have fun with Joss’s mother in the conversation.  Here, but briefly, Rob uses the wicked witch of the west music from The Wizard of Oz solely to put more energy and laughter in the break, thus helping the story-telling and creating more fun.