Froggy 92.9 Singing the School Lunch Menu

Rob & JossThis one falls in the category of “please don’t tell me you can’t be local and you can’t be fun in under 2:30”!!  Oftentimes shows believe the more time they have in the break, the better it’ll be.  Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA prove otherwise.  As a yearly feature at the beginning of the school year in each September, Rob chooses one daily school district’s lunch offering and sings the menu for the audience.  With a game plan on how we’ll entertain, you can structure a break efficiently so you don’t waste listeners’ time and can get to the payoff quickly (listeners require payoffs).  We do this as a seasonal feature each year on the show and bounce it around the clock so all the audiences hear at least one.  What’s important is to connect with the audience in the content you choose, create entertainment from it so those who don’t care are having a good time, and do it quickly to score the most points.  This does that.