George, Mo, and Erik, KILT-FM, Houston We Need A New Area Code

Know how I know an idea is great?  I’m jealous I didn’t think of it.  Curiosity fuels creativity.  In a brainstorm, asking the “I wonder…” question leads to well, wonderful places.  Such is the case with George, Mo, and Erik, KILT-FM, Houston and this week’s audio.  The team learned that Houston will need another area code next year because of population growth.  I wonder how area codes are decided?  I wonder who makes those decisions?  Those are two of the “wonder” questions they pondered so they explored them.  The show first talked to someone nationally who approves new area codes.  That person told them to call the Texas Utilities Commission, which they did in the second segment.  The show first lobbied for 468, as that spells HOU.  It’s taken in Canada.  So they opened the phones and a listener suggested 489  which spells HTX.  All the way around, this is local, relevant, creative, and fun because it came from the wonder of the team.  I give this an A+.