George, Mo, and Eric, 100.3 The Bull, Houston with Mo Knows Country

Something very easily missed (and sometimes dismissed) is you integrating your show into the radio station’s music brand.  Some shows rarely even mention the music.  I’ve always thought that that’s a bad move.  So a challenge with this week’s audio.  What can you do to improve on that? When you do, you send important signals to the audience that you’re a part of a larger product than just your show.  It could be as simple as mentioning the artists and titles of songs you play.  Or it could be doing content centered around the music.  George, Mo, and Eric, 100.3 The Bull, Houston have a daily feature called Mo Knows Country.  It’s like the trivia feature many shows play, but the questions bring the show into the music brand of the station.  A very smart move.