George, Mo, and Erik (The Morning Bullpen), KILT, Houston Mo Knows Country

One of the quickest routes for character development is to give someone on a show a feature all their own.  A feature, named after them, which highlights a passion or strength of theirs the audience would find entertaining.  In our evolution of George, Mo, and Erik (The Morning Bullpen), KILT, Houston, we’ve done this for all three.  By assigning regular features to each of our talented cast, we are accelerating their character definition and, because these benchmarks happen every day, activating an occasion from fans.  One of Mo’s strengths is her passion and knowledge of country music.  In Mo Knows Country, we pit her against a listener in five country-oriented questions to see who knows more.  We still focus on other character development stories.  But, this feature will help advance her character even more efficiently.