HOT 97, New York and Radio NOW, Indianapolis “Baring Your Soul”

Kyle & RachelHow honest can you be with the audience?  Can you bare your soul and let them in your life? Can you share true emotion and the most intimate details of your life with them?  There are two examples of talent who did this flawlessly in the last week.  Ebro Darden of Ebro in the Morning, HOT 97, New York completely changed his show the morning after the horrific shootings in Charleston.  He so connected with his audience and reflected back to the community their emotions that the New York Times took note.  Read the article here.  With Father’s Day upon them, Kyle, from Kyle and Rachel, Radio NOW, Indianapolis admitted to the audience for the first time that he’d never met his father and was going on a search this summer to meet him for the first time.  He had never shared this, further developing his character with fans and new listeners of the show.  Both are major connections points for the audience.  These are two terrific examples of great talent being brutally authentic, deeply emotional, and letting the audience inside to a special place which moves listeners to care about them.