Indie 88 LeBron James Secrets

reynoldsgroup_500x350This week’s accolades go to Raina and Matt, Indie 88, Toronto.  Their Raptors just got done playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBC playoffs.  Not content to just talk about the game or play TV audio as most shows would (and should), they decided to add something different to the conversation in a produced thing call “LeBron James ‘Secrets'” where they revealed silly secrets about the Cavaliers star player.  What makes your breaks memorable and sticky is not just the topic, it’s what you do with it that grabs notice and a deeper attention from those listening.  Their series of “Secrets” (several below) highlight their fun sense of humor, are very topical, very local, short, and gives us one more thing on the show (even though short-lived) that our competitors never thought to do.