Indie 88, Toronto Heroes For the Homeless

We’re entering the season where radio stations and shows do their annual community service projects to rally the listeners to give back.  One of the most unique is what we do on The Josie Dye Show with Matt and Carlin, Indie 88, Toronto.  Each year, there are 5000 homeless people on the streets of Toronto.  What do the shelters need?  Socks so the homeless don’t get frostbite.  In two years time, the show has rallied its listeners to donate over 320,000 pair of socks which are turned over to the shelters.  To kick things off this year, the station put on an event called Heroes for the Homeless, where we honored those workers who’ve dedicated their lives to help these less fortunate people.  This last week, they gathered the group for dinner and some speeches.  Here is a break from their show the day after, with a story told by someone who was once homeless, but now lives every day to help others who have no where to sleep at night.  Listen as this gentleman tells his most powerful story to move the room, and spur the audience to jump start this year’s campaign.  Make me feel for the cause and listeners will step up to help – our name for anyone who helps this year (Heroes for the Homeless) is aspirational and positive.