Indie 88, Toronto Josie’s Mom Facebook Friends the Cast

There’s always been this unwritten rule that you shouldn’t friend your boss on Facebook.  But how would you react if a cast member’s mother friended you?  That’s the question on The Josie Dye Show, Indie 88, Toronto when Josie’s mom friended her cast mates, Matt and Carlin.  They have no desire to let Josie’s mom see that side of their lives.  That tension is necessary in this character development idea – will or won’t they accept her friend request?  Josie did the most obvious thing, she got her mom on the phone with the entire show to discuss it, with the payoff being a decision on what will happen.  Great character ideas are rooted in a story.  That narrative must have a twist or turn which sets up the dilemma for a payoff so the audience stays through it until the end to hear how it will be resolved.  This works on all those levels and is sticky as a result.