John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego All I Need To Know About You: Kids Edition

We do a fun daily feature on John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego called That’s All I Need to Know About You.  It’s a simple, call-in benchmark where listeners phone you each morning, make mention of something they saw someone do that irritated them, and then tag on the line, “That’s all I need to know about you,” as a hook to remember it.  Benchmarks deserve to be updated in how they’re done on occasion, but must always stay true to what they are by defintion.  An example of this is David Letterman’s Top Ten List.  While it stayed honest to what it was for almost thirty years (one category, ten punchlines), how they presented it to the audience evolved over time.  And, at times, there were special versions of it.  Which is what this is.  When the need strikes to do something a little different with this regular feature, but keep it consistent, John and Tammy will do special kids versions.  Consider doing that with your features, too.  Here are two examples.