John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego John Doesn’t Get Taylor Tickets, Too

This week was a debacle for Taylor Swift fans who were tormented by Ticketmaster.  Tons tried, but few got tickets to see her in concert.  An imperative image for any show to own is “they’re just like you”.  Rooted in authenticity, one of radio’s super powers is to convince the audience that you are just like them.  That intimacy (that you are real) helps the bonding process to build a strong relationship.  John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego are exactly that.  Which is why John tried to get Taylor tickets from Ticketmaster this week, like everyone else.  The only difference?  John is on the radio so he recorded his mood as he endured the long wait, eventually failing, too.  To be like the audience, you must have similar experiences.  Living that on-the-air helps your fans know you are just like them!