John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego with Show Us Your Cans

Many shows will do their big community service project before the end of the year.  It’s important to remember that you’re talking with two distinct groups of people when you do this:  those who will give and those who won’t.  The latter group is much bigger.  Your goal is to impact the images of those listeners by showing them your heart and humanity.  A yearly project for John and Tammy, KSON San Diego is their annual Food Fund where they ask listeners to donate canned goods to the local food bank.  It’s a tenured and very successful project for them.  Their fans always step up to help them reach their goal.  But with a nod to the latter group of those who won’t or can’t give and with the objective of impacting how those folks view the show, John did a goofy song this year called Show Us Your Cans.  It brought humor to the effort and helped the fundraiser operate on multiple levels emotionally.  The song and full break are below.