Josie, Carlin, and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto Goofiness at Comic Con

We are entering the season of fairs, festivals, and conventions in every market.  What’s the list of those happening in your city and how will you tap into them (past promoting them) that can make you more local?  They just had a Comic Con and Josie, Carlin, and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto decided to go.  When you go to these things, you talk about them differently on the show because you’re in the middle of it and can feel it.  And always, target getting audio from those attending.  Because people are at their peak emotion, jazzed to be there.  You might think Comic Con attendees are perfect for messing with…and you’d be right.  The show put together silly and absurd questions to ask those there.  With some editing, this is a perfect break that highlights the show’s personality and features a great exchange that made the 99.9% of the audience not going to Comic Con feeling like they were there while accruing images of being local, fun, and authentic.