Karen Carson in the Morning, WNEW-FM, New York City and Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh with The Super Bowl Shave Off

When you have a three-person show, you always have two people of the same gender and one common challenge.  You must separate their characters.  Case in point is Karen Carson in the Morning with Johnny Minge and Intern Anthony, WNEW-FM, New York and Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh.  Both shows have two guys and a challenge we face at both programs is developing different personas for each of the two gentlemen.  It’s first important to know how each is similar and different from the other and focus on the differences.  Then, there are things you can do to help accentuate that.  The week leading up to the Super Bowl, we set both guys in a competition with female-friendly Big Game trivia where the loser had to shave their head.  In both instances, we got a ton of repeat listening as we did a narrative arc that lasted the week and incredible engagement on social media.  Hear how both shows wrapped things up with the Super Bowl Shave Off on the Friday of that week.  Watch WRAL-FM’s final round on Facebook here and the actual shaving of Bryan’s head here.