Karen, Johnny, and Intern Anthony, WNEW-FM, New York Karen Forgets to RSVP

We’re story tellers.  And one of radio’s greatest super powers is our intimacy – our ability to connect with the audience and remind them that we are just like them.  When you have a story that has several participants, it’s always best told when the tension and drama that drives how compelling a story is, to put those in the story on your show to tell it, too.  One of the greatest strengths on Karen Carson in the Morning with Johnny and Intern Anthony, WNEW-FM, New York is they have lives just like their audience.  Karen forgot to RSVP to Intern Anthony’s fiance’s bridal shower.  Average shows would just talk about it and maybe launch a phone topic.  Not these guys.  They made Karen call Anthony’s future mother-in-law to apologize.  It’s this pivot in the story telling that keeps the audience hooked in the break to hear how it turns out, putting that tension on full display.