Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston My Girlfriend Was On Jeopardy

Great radio is a story-telling medium.  Let’s tell stories.  Even better, let’s tell them in the first-person.  If you have an experience, your telling it is the best route to get the most authentic details at their most emotional.  If others are included in the story (i.e. your mom, a neighbor, your pastor), invite them to play a role in telling the story, too.  Because they might have other details or a different perspective that will have fresh tension and conflict.  That will make the content more electric.  But, if you aren’t part of the story, instead of telling someone else’s narrative, ask them to tell it.  Simple, but effective storytelling here when Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston found out that someone they know was on Jeopardy.  Instead of them recanting it, they invited the friend to tell her story.  Always find the principles of any story and get them to share their experience.  It’ll be perceived much differently by listeners if you facilitate that and ask the obvious questions from your POC (point-of-curiosity).  Note they started with the audio from Jeopardy – smart!