KFRG, Santa Rosa, CA A Poem For Rob’s House

Rob & JossWhat is your connection to the story?  Why was this meaningful for you?  How did it impact you?  We all know the devastation of the fires in Santa Rosa, CA.  The visuals are searing.  For Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA, they mean much more.  Rob’s childhood home, and the house his mother lived in, burned to the ground.  It was claimed 100% and they had to evacuate his mother to safety.  Having a lifetime of memories in a home lost to wildfires is Rob’s connection to the horror.  Rob not only shared this with the audience, along with pictures of the site, he wrote a very moving poem for his childhood home, the place with all his memories and moments and read it to the audience.  One of your jobs is to move the audience to care about you.  The audience pauses in this moment as they grieve with Rob and for him.