KHTH Drive Through Mad Libs

Stacey K & JonahStacey K and Jonah, HOT 101.7, Santa Rosa, CA got into a bet the other day, with the loser having to potentially embarrass themselves with “Drive Through Mad Libs”.  Jonah lost this bet so he had to go through the Starbuck drive-thru and weave into his order the code words (which were naughty) Stacey identified for him.  Two things that were terrific about this:  they recorded it the day before they actually had to pay it off so when they teased it, instead of being live (and not knowing what they would get), it was packaged and aired as live ten minutes after the tease so the audience got the payoff quickly.  The other fun thing about this is that the gal at the Starbucks recognized Jonah’s voice, which was a bonus for those listening.