Klein and Ally, KROQ, Los Angeles Ally’s Sister is Getting Married

Character development happens when you do one of two things.  When you share your honest take (feelings) on a topic of the day you define yourself.  Tell the audience that you don’t like The Bachelor and I’ll get a sense of who you are.  The other is when you reveal your life and let the audience into the stories happening to you now.  It was a banner weekend for Ally of Klein and Ally, KROQ, Los Angeles.  She was invited to be the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding in Las Vegas.  Yet, she had no idea what a maid of honor does and was kept in the dark of all the wedding details.  Tell the audience the truth and you will only have one story to tell is the old adage.  Here’s a fun chat with Ally’s sister and the entire show on the eve of the Vegas wedding.  Ally’s self-deprecating, Klein comes with a theme song and a hook (Ally’s sister is hot), and everyone appropriately stirs the shit to help tell the story.  This is very memorable and excellent character development.