Koz and Jen, WTMX, Chicago Show Biz Pop Quiz

The primary reason a listener chooses a specific show is because it affects their mood positively.  We sometimes convince ourselves that the brands we frequent are for intellectual reasons only (“they play 12 songs in a row!”) when, in reality, listeners choose a show because of how it makes them feel.  Each afternoon when listeners are headed home after a long day at work, Koz and Jen, 101.9 The Mix (WTMX), Chicago play Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz.  No doubt you’ve heard some version of this game on radio shows.  Why does it work everywhere?  Because after a hard workday, this is mind candy for the audience.  It’s not weighty being centered around Hollywood trivia, it’s vicarious (one of its critical features), it’s character defining for Jen, and it’s fun to hear.  Outside thinkers know that we choose a brand to match or affect our moods.  On listener’s long ride home in Chicago, this feature puts them in a happy place because of the content done and how it’s designed