KSLX, Phoenix First Hand on Scooters

One of the more resonate qualities of the great show Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX Phoenix is the guys reflect the values of the target audience (adult men).  We regularly joke that we’re all “men of a certain age and part of the ‘get off my lawn’ demo.”  They decided to take on the topic of rentable scooters now being seen in many major cities, and what a nuisance they’ve become.  Specifically, a story about the first DUI on one.  You can just chat about a story, or you can find someone with a truer connection to it.  In this simple, relatable break that connects the show to the audience by their shared view to the topic, the team talks with an emergency room doctor who has first-hand knowledge of and stories to tell about scooter accidents.  What makes this short break work is the doctor’s take and perspective on the topic, with the team asking the next natural question, which displays their curiosity and allows for all to showcase their most natural sense of humor.  It’s having the doctor on that draws listeners in and keeps their attention.