Lexi and Banks, KUBL, Salt Lake City Let’s Talk Teasing

Our audio this week is a terrific example of teasing a benchmark.  Two important qualities of an effective benchmark include that you intrigue me.  The other is you must make me feel something.  Often we offer bland teases:  “coming up next is our Hollywood Report.”  That’s snooze city.  There’s nothing there that either intrigues or gives me an emotion.  Then the marginally better:  “J Lo is back in the news, tell you more next.”  Then this:  “You won’t believe what Hollywood couple is back together again after breaking up four times.”  The latter works because it’s intriguing.  Lexi and Banks, K-BULL 93, Salt Lake City tease benchmarks well.  Here’s a tease and solicit for calls for their feature That’s All I Need to Know About You.  They use a clip of an admission to the feature from the previous day to intrigue and make me laugh so I’ll call with mine (or stay to hear other listener’s contributions).  That’s how you tease!