KYGO Let’s Play Crap

Ryno & TracyPlaying on the heels of last week’s audio, here’s another music-based feature to entertain the audience.  What happens when you fuse country lyrics with a hip hop (rap) style?  Well, if you’re Ryno and Tracy, KYGO, Denver, you get “crap”.  Here’s a fun game where Tracy does the lyrics of a hit country song in a hip hop style.  First listener to guess artist and title wins.  Games work because if done well, they’re vicarious.  They win even bigger if those playing along in cars are laughing and having a good time.  What’s really important is to not focus on what you have to give out, but figure out how to give the prize out in a way that includes those who want to call to win (the smaller group) and those who listen to play along (the way larger group).  The big success happens when those playing along laugh.