Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh Love Him or List Him

If you target women, it’s always encouraged that you have a regular feature on the show that is relationships-based.  There are the standards that work:  Second Date Update or War of the Roses.  But here’s one you might not have heard called Love Him or List Him as done by Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh.  You’re right about the name.  It’s very similar to the show on HGTV.  That’s on purpose because the name has equity.  Its simple thesis:  a woman comes on who’s been with a guy for a short time.  She sees some odd behavior and wonders if she should love him (stay with him) or list him (stop dating him).  Air listener’s advice then go back to her with the results.  A few things to listen for in this segment:  the quirky jingle up front to grab listeners, how quickly the show gets to her telling her story, they localize where the drama happened, all those listener calls (who had stories), and then the resolution.