Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh with the Door Dash Audit

With tax season fast approaching, Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh decided to lean in on the lifestyle of one of its cast members.  We talk much about relatability and radio’s super power to connect with the audience.  One thing morning TV does not have is relatable cast members.  Connecting is what we do well in radio.  When forming a relationship with anyone in life (much less a listener), they must leave having connected with one of you – and the base for connection is having something common.  That’s perfect character development.  Bryan spends an amazing amount of money on Door Dash (and Uber Eats).  The team gave a financial expert access to Bryan’s banking info.  He then shared how much Bryan spent using these services in the last year.  The number will blow you away.  Now, Bryan sits with a sign behind him in the studio (as seen in social media posts) to show how many days he’s gone without using Door Dash!