Lexi and Banks, KUBL, Salt Lake City Facebook Owes Me $20,000,000

One of radio’s many super powers is to tap into whatever is going on in the world.  Being about the moment heightens our relevance and helps connect our listeners to the world.  Facebook decides to change its name to Meta.  What would happen if you already owned a tech company named Meta?  What David vs. Goliath battle would come from that?  Lexi and Banks, KUBL, Salt Lake City got right in the middle of this story by talking with a guy who is in just such a situation.  Here’s a gentleman who built a company and trademarked its name Meta and now Facebook wants it.  What we learn is that he’s in talks with Facebook to sell the name to them for $20,000,000.  Relevance is one of our key images.  Setting yourself in the middle of a story, in a most unique way like hearing how this gentleman is impacted by that move, creates distinct, different radio.