Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Fort Myers, FL The Graduation Letter Twist

In some breaks you get the expected.  You have a general sense where the break is going and that’s okay.  In others, though, it helps to plan an unexpected pivot that will capture the imagination of the audience.  That’s what’s done in this break from Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Fort Myers, FL.  Logan has two kids and his youngest daughter was graduating from high school a few months ago.  The expected came in the letter Logan wrote and read to his daughter about her milestone on-the-air.  So many of us have done that in radio.  It’s touching, human, character building, and expected.  Then, in our brainstorm to create a moment of something unexpected, we decided to give Logan’s son, Gabe, a chance for a rebuttal to the letter Logan read his daughter.  Great breaks happen when you prep them through.  This is the expected and unexpected and becomes memorable as a result.