Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers The Umbrella Story

Let’s gather around the campfire and talk a little bit about character development.  Often, talent think anything they talk about defines them.  There are certain criteria all of this must pass to be effective:  you have to affirm a core character trait a typical listener can identify with, you must be honest, and it must come in story-form because we are a story-telling medium.  Then there’s this:  tell me about something that is happening in your life right now.  That real life content is the most authentic.  And it will be delivered much differently.  A story from years ago is minus the emotion you felt then (it’s a story being told from your head).  A story happening now lives in technicolor because I will feel it as you tell it.  Here’s a simple story as told on Logan and Sadie, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers.  Sadie getting a new umbrella is really an open for the meat of the break, Logan talking about his kid going off to college (the topics are tied together as you will hear).  This is simple, but you will leave feeling Logan and, if you’re a parent, connecting with his exasperation because you’ve lived it, too.  Because it’s happening now.