London and Engleman, KWST, Los Angeles My Kid Was In a Car Accident

This week’s audio is forty years old!  Cruising around YouTube to reminisce on some of my favorite shows as a kid, I happened upon London and Engleman, KWST (K-West), Los Angeles and this gem from 1982.  I remember these guys as having unbelievable chemistry and showmanship.  What also made them stand out to me back in the day was their high level of sarcasm. While this radio station didn’t last very long, I always remembered this team because of those attributes.  In this vintage retro clip, Engleman’s kid had been in a car accident the evening before and they decided to discuss it.  Even then radio shows understood the power of going personal.  Sharing your life defines you and establishes that bond radio excels at developing with loyal listeners.  Make sure you’re always doing that – and in ways listeners can relate to.  They tacked on the end of the break an equally sarcastic call from a listener.  I still can’t figure out if the call was real.  Regardless, enjoy this clip of high sarcasm, comedy, and real life.