MIX 106, Boise, Moug and Angie with Moug’s Family Bombshell

Storytelling is an art and a major part of the telling of a great story is the details you share to drive the narrative.  Consider learning that your dad fathered another child and you found out about it from your drunk sister.  And…that the sibling you never knew you had lives in the city in which you live.  It’s a pretty compelling narrative.  And it works for several reasons:  it’s the truth, there are some gasp-worthy details, and the story lives on the margins.  You’re revealing yourself to the audience with intimate details you wouldn’t just share with anyone.  And each detail is more shocking than the last.  That’s the thesis of the story told on Moug and Angie, MIX 106, Boise, Idaho recently.  Moug found out what his father did several years prior and thinks he saw his sibling in town based on a description.  This is excellent storytelling.  Another great decision made in the structure of this break is its first few minutes, where the team has a listener tell their crazy story first, which tees up Moug to tell his.  I love that they put the focus first on a caller to hook the audience than what’s typically done, which is focus on the talent first.  All around, these are two stories you will long remember.  Moug is defined in the process, setting him up for listener questions about all of it down the road because it’s so memorable