Why My iPhone Bores Me in August, But Excites Me in September

I’m reminded each September why I go from being blasé about my iPhone to loving it again. Apple knows we bore easily so they update the software every September when they introduce new devices. And voila, the phone in my pocket does all new things which makes me play with it more.

What’s to learn from this for your talent?

I often ask personalities the same question: what new features or things have you added to your program so your audience doesn’t get bored, and you create an opportunity across the street? We’re in the relationships business, developing a bond with listeners to breed loyalty. One of the most efficient ways to lose that relationship is to never do anything new. Think of your significant other. If you never brought anything new to that relationship, the other person might lose interest. It’s that ethos we need our talent to bring their shows.

New features and ideas are not getting rid of the benchmarks or features that work. It’s using the same core content choices (pop culture, local stuff, stories in your life that define your character) and doing something never done before so your fans stay fascinated, and you remain “can’t miss”.

My iPhone does the same things I’ve always expected, but each September it does new stuff that reengages me and makes me love it all over again. For your show, it’s all about the treatment of the highly familiar content you’re already doing.

Let’s learn from Apple. Take an inventory of what your show does. The things that make listeners loyal because they come for you and your content. Review what works and fits and what might not. Then develop new ideas and, in your brainstorming, figure what could be fresh, so they don’t stray. Remember, the nightly talk shows hosts are always doing new stuff, so fans keep tuning in. That’s gotta be us, too.

Don’t be so predictable listeners get bored with what you’re doing.

Everything evolves. Staying still isn’t an option if you wanna stay relevant and in growth mode. In the face of all that competition for attention, that’s the move that’s epic.