Power 106, Letters to Our Moms

power106_cruz_500x350One more Mother’s Day break that is flawlessly executed.  The Cruz Show, Power 106, Los Angeles is right up on Mother’s Day and wrote letters to their moms.  These have just the right tone and attitude to create humor.  What is perfect about this break is how it’s designed.  The very first thing you hear after the song are two cast member’s letters.  That the show immediately got into content (before any station business) talked to the widest swath of listeners who want to be entertained.  They transition from this to Cruz expounding on his letter, with more detail about something he shared with his father as a kid (you will be shocked) with the cast showing its chemistry as they quiz him for all the details.  Station business (what you can win, coming up!) is placed at the end, where the audience is most receptive to the message because they were entertained with a great story, delivered in a fun way.