Power 106, Los Angeles Are You Down

One of the many things listeners are drawn to in a morning show is their chemistry.  You cannot fake chemistry – it’s the foundation for the show’s genuineness and authenticity.  Much like the significant relationships you have in your own life, the relationships between cast members is a draw for listeners, too.  Many perceive they do not have this in their own lives so they are aspirational and wish to belong to yours.  One of the daily benchmarks on The Cruz Show, Power 106, Los Angeles, is R U Down, a prank one listener plays on a friend with the show as the conduit, to see if they’ll consent to doing something outrageous for them.  Here’s one where the show pranked a new co-worker.  Multiple cast members, as well as PD Jimmy Steal, played a role in this.  It’s the chemistry you hear which is the element that makes listeners feel comfortable and like they belong in your the family.