Power 106, Los Angeles “F, Marry, Kill”

power106_cruz_500x350The challenge in breaks is to reach certain benchmarks:  are we in the cycle for pop culture (because we live in this very clickable world), are we being honest and real with the audience (because they can smell a phony a mile away), are we having fun (listeners want to have a good time).  Back during the GOP convention when everyone was talking about Melania Trump, Michele Obama, and Hillary Clinton, The Cruz Show, Power 106, Los Angeles, played the game “F, Marry, Kill” where Cruz went around the room asking each cast member who of that trio they’d sleep with, get hitched to, or off.  Everyone assigned something different to each person (conflict = comedy).  What hooks the audience is the edgy question – they not only are getting to know the cast by how they answer, they’re answering it in their heads, too.