Power 106, Los Angeles – Which Cast Member is Ugliest?

power106_cruz_500x350Self-deprecating humor is a huge attribute to get the audience to root for you.  David Letterman and Howard Stern, in part, built their empires on the persona that they weren’t good enough, smart enough, or funny enough to be popular.  That made them even more authentic and positioned them as the kind of personalities you root for because they are confident and comfortable enough to make fun of themselves.  Here’s an idea you can bank for next Halloween.  The Cruz Show, Power 106, Los Angeles, showed kids pictures of the cast and asked them which person on the program was so ugly, they didn’t need a Halloween mask.  Kids have no filter and, as you know, are brutally honest.  What comes (towards the end of this short break below) are funny reactions that endear the audience to each cast member as they’re chosen.