Salt and Christine, WTIC-FM, Hartford You’re Full Of Shit Salt

Games work when they’re vicarious and fun.  There must be an edge, but it’s critical there is a play-along factor, too.  Enter Salt and Christine, WTIC-FM, Hartford with this week’s game, You’re Full of Shit, Salt.  If you really look at it, so many games are trivia-based.  Your win comes in how you do that trivia.  What’s your frame, how do you engage callers (and passive listeners just tuning in who want to have fun), and how unique is the execution?  This game fits Salt’s character on the show.  He’s profane, edgy, and funny.  He finds interesting trivia questions and makes up a few on his own.  With three listeners on the phone, he offers them up one at a time.  Whoever calls him out first on making one up wins.  Of course, we bleep the word “shit” (as you will hear).  But this is a fun one that listeners pay attention to because of all its unique attributes.