Sarah and Jessie, MIX 96.5, Houston Teachers Worst Christmas Gift

We’ve covered before the importance of telling stories when doing phones with listeners.  Stories are how we connect.  Stories have details and twists and turns and resolutions which make them fun to hear.  Sarah Pepper and Jessie Watt, MIX 96.5, Houston, did calls asking teachers about the worst Christmas gifts they ever got from a student.  Pushing stories to the margins (in this case, the worst gift) helps the story telling because worst gifts are much more fun to hear than best gifts.  Remember when opening the phones for any topic – if you do an “st” (best, worst, lamest, funniest, etc.) – you will get a something from listeners that lives on the fringes of the topic, which is a good move for vibrant, electric stories others tuning in will want to hear.  On the topic of worst teachers gifts, here are two breaks from the show, along with a third where they asked about the best gifts.