Sarah Pepper and Jessie Watt, KHMX, Houston Remembering Ulvade

Sometimes the best breaks are the easiest breaks.  They sit right in front of you, waiting to be done, and will bring you impressive imagery.  This past week was the one-year anniversary of the school shootings in Ulvade, Texas.  Because there are so many shootings in America, this content might not pass noticed.  Unless you’re a show in Texas.  Then you could even consider it local content.  Sarah Pepper and Jessie Watt, KHMX, Houston excel at touching the audience.  Often in easy, but quite powerful ways.  In their trending feature, they decided to note the one-year anniversary by simply reading the names of the students and teachers who died that day.  They followed it with a song to keep the audience reflective.  That’s where many listeners were that morning.  They were right there with them.  This content, and the way it was done, was impressive.