Spencer’s Neighborhood, 106.5, The Arch, St. Louis First Five Notes

You will never lose when you tie your show back to the music brand of your radio station.  Some shows are silos – they never talk about the music or the artists.  I’ve always believed that that’s a mistake as you should acclimate yourself into the larger station brand.  In some respects, listeners choose your show because of you and the content you do.  In many ways, they choose your station because of the music you play, too.  Here’s a fun game called The First Five Notes played on Spencer’s Neighborhood, 106.5 The Arch, St. Louis several years ago.  The listener would choose from the cast who they wanted to play against.  Then another in the room would play the first five notes of a song on the station.  First to identify the artist or song get the point.  Simple, yet effective for tying you back to the radio station.