Stacey and Jonah, 1065 The Arch, St. Louis Most Patriotic

It’s been a running joke that people immigrating to the United States know more about our country than actual citizens.  We decided to test this theory last year around the July Fourth holiday with Stacey and Jonah, 1065 The Arch, St. Louis.  We chose three fun co-workers for the test and introduced a local middle school teacher (a friend of a cast member) who would administer the questions.  We did this over the course of three days on the program to extend listenership by making it a narrative arc by doing it at the same time.  The keys to the win here were that we chose the co-workers based solely on one element – how entertaining they were.  The teacher was added spice which allowed Stacey and Jonah to just coordinate the fun.  The questions were the same each day as you will hear below, and became vicarious for those driving to work to play along in the car.  On the final day, the middle school teacher tallied up the scores and we crowned Most Patriotic.