Star 94 Cindy’s Kid Butt Dials an Ex

Cindy & JimmyTwo tenants of great talent are their ability to tell a story and a comfort enough with themselves to show their flaws.  Listeners root for radio talent who aren’t perfect.  Those who can put their mess out in the world and seemingly say, “I am just like you – things don’t work out for me sometimes.”  That self-deprecation helps talent bond with listeners.  If you look at David Letterman and Howard Stern, they built franchises around the “I’m just not good enough” vibe.  Cindy from Cindy and Jimmy, Star 94, Atlanta shows this in our audio clip this week.  She tells a story about how her youngest daughter accidentally gets her cell phone and butt dials an ex. The fun, imperfect part comes in how Cindy gets out of the call.  They then launch phones for similar stories from listeners, which doubles the fun.