The AD Rowntree Show, KSHE, St. Louis with Politics At Thanksgiving Dinner

If you talk about topics and make observations the typical listener might think, “How does he know what goes on in my house?” you are in a good spot to be tagged positively as relatable to the audience.  This is why each show I work with plays in the sandbox of what the average listener might be doing right now when prepping.  The AD Rowntree Show, KSHE, St. Louis knows that politics will somehow make its way to the Thanksgiving dinner.  So that was the topic.  They asked the audience who’ll first bring up politics, alienating everyone.  When you are in the zone of relatabilty, that’s when most listeners will have fun.  Here’s one call they received on the topic where a listener disguised his voice out of a fear of being heard by the person he was convinced would be the violator!