The Daly/Migs Show, Rock 99.9, Seattle Digging Deep on the Bridge Story

I heard some creative excuses two weeks ago about why some shows didn’t touch the Baltimore bridge story.  One said “we’re the escape” (no, you’re not – you need to reflect how the audience feels waking up to the story).  Another said “it’s not local” (that doesn’t matter – it was topic #1 that day which validates being on it). Your audience wants to be tied to the topics of the day.  Add your perspective and you define who you are.  That is one way to do character development.  Enter the Daly/Migs Show, Rock 99.9, Seattle who dug deep into the story.  That morning, they not only talked with listeners who had bad bridge experiences, they also got on a guy who oversees the bridges in the state of Washington.  Listen to their inquisitiveness to localize the story and give insider perspective they would not have normally had.  Listeners lean in with this kind of relevance.