WDRV The Drive, Chicago A Survivor of Southwest 1380

How hard is this?  Not very.  Tapping into the biggest stories of the day radiates relevancy to the audience.  When tragedy happens, shows need to only think – what would Good Morning America or the Today Show do here?  Sherman and Tingle, WDRV-FM, Chicago think like that.  So the morning after Southwest #1380 is in the news for an engine blowing up at 30,000 feet and an emergency landing happening in Philadelphia, they’re faced with three choices:  not have it as content on their show (big mistake), talk about it based on what they saw on TV and read online (just okay), or have someone on who was on the plane when it happened (amazing).  No one tells a story better than the person who experienced it.  The team got one of the passengers to come on to paint the picture of what it was like.  While we won’t give away the secret of how they got her (it’s way easier than you think), these guys did a break no one else in Chicago did, thus winning the moment.