Sherman and Tingle, 97.1 The Drive, Chicago Bacon Bash

Morning shows sometimes (unknowingly) become silos from the rest of the radio station, forgetting or unenthusiastically getting behind station promotions, events, and contesting. Morning talent are usually the most powerful and credible voice of the brand.  You’re the face of what the radio station stands for and have the power to move audiences to care more deeply about what the radio station is doing.  So, let’s talk about bacon, specifically Bacon Bash 2017, a station promotion being done by one radio station in the nation’s third largest market.  Instead of just reading the liner card to get a check mark next to supporting it, Sherman and Tingle, 97.1 The Drive, Chicago re-lyriced some of the station’s classic rock songs so the audience could hear what they sounded like if they were about bacon.  The goal wasn’t to sell more Bacon Bash tickets (although they probably did).  The objective was to make everyone listening laugh, and to reinforce the humor of the station and show.  This is a goal served…with some bacon.