The Josie Dye Show with Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto Your Most Famous Helps With Our Socks

Our yearly community service project on the Josie Dye Show with Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto is collecting socks for the homeless of that city.  This past year, our seventh doing it, the show raised its millionth pair of socks.  It’s a community service event designed to be very different from all the others you’ve heard.  We are always looking to present our ask of the audience in unique ways.  We acknowledge that our request needs to be framed as a story and as content to impact the images of the show by the larger group of fans who’ll never give us socks.  So this year, something different.  We asked each person on the show to call the most famous person in their phone’s contact list on-the-air to ask for their support and help collecting socks.  Josie’s most famous person is Eric Lindross, who played hockey in Canada.  To them, he’s a superstar, as is evidenced by Carlin and Brent’s reactions just talking with him.  Always be different in what you do.  Look for ways to be innovative so the break everyone hears is its most memorable.